10-Step Process For a Custom Made Costume

Step 1: Client Contact Information

Its important for you to provide the correct information so that we can confirm and reach you whenever necessary during the custom costume process.

Step 2(a& b): About the client & About the Routine or Performance

The information that is collected in this section helps us better understand the costume wearer's "likes and dislikes" and what sort of look that is suitable for the performance theme and music. This step is key for brainstorming ideas and get the creative juices bubbling.

Step 3: Establish a Budget

Most of our made-to-order custom costumes fall within the range of $150 to $600 with the lower-end price referring to simple bodysuits without embellishments while the higher-end is typical of ice dance and mature ice skaters’ costumes. We do make sure to stick to your budget so please be honest about the maximum amount you are comfortable with spending for your costume.

Step 4: Design Consultation

The design consultation takes place after you've had time to gather all your inspirations. In the meeting we will take body measurements, review your inspirations and ideas, ask you some necessary questions and answer any of your questions. We will also show you any of our sketched ideas as well as put together new sketches of your designed costume.


Step 5: Contract

Our contract agreement ensures you understand all the steps in the process and that as the client, you are agreeing to move forward with the terms we have outlined. At this point we may also collect fabric samples and any pictures of embellishments that match your design wants for you to see and choose. We will confirm the design with you as well as the time allocated for the costumes to be made.

A non-refundable deposit will also be required at this step.


Step 6: Material Purchasing

Materials are usually purchased within a week of design confirmation. This includes all fabric needed for construction as well as any specific embellishments required for your costume design.

Step 7: Costume Construction

The patterns for the costumes are drafted to size measurements, each piece is hand cut and sewn to a TRY-ON-POINT. At this step no embellishments are done; with the exceptions of a design involving dyes.


Step 8: Fittings

There are two fittings that are included and you will be contacted for the fittings. Any additional fittings that are by client requests are subject to additional fees. REMINDER: please wear the appropriate support wear for all fittings!


Step 9: Embellishments

At this step the costume will be decorated. We first confirm the embellishment placements and then embellishments are applied. This is usually the most labored step.


Step 10 : Costume Completion

Your costumes are ready for pick up at our workshop or delivered if requested. Full payment is required upon receiving your costumes. We hope you’ll love them!


How do I get started with ordering and designing a custom costume ?

If you are planning for a single costume, download the individual custom costume planner here.

If you are planning for a group costume, download the group custom costume planner here.


Having any difficulty or have any questions for us? Send us a message by filling out a form on our contact page.